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long time

2011-10-01 18:50:54 by Toax-Eye

long time since i've been here.
but I don't think that somebodey actualy remembers me. :p


2010-12-19 07:50:46 by Toax-Eye

... oh look a visitor ... o wait he's gone .....

free games for all

2010-08-10 15:10:53 by Toax-Eye

You'l find the list here. 89008

fun fun fun ^^

I is dating him :3

eating pizza

2010-06-29 09:46:47 by Toax-Eye

*nom* *nom* *nom* *nom* *nom*

eating pizza

young doctors

2010-04-17 13:39:41 by Toax-Eye

they can be sooooooo cute :3
only there not gay :( that makes me sad.

gaysome :p

2010-04-13 17:37:29 by Toax-Eye

So i went shopping today with some friends and i noticed 8 gay guy's.
wile my friends didn't :O ( all gals )

So I was wondering how do you think a gay guy looks like?
What image do you have in your head if someone asks how you see a gay guy :p


2010-02-20 15:25:37 by Toax-Eye

why do some people always look shocked if they ask " are you gay ? " and that I respond " yes."
always that akward silence after that and they keep staring at me.

Bored as shit

2010-02-20 07:03:05 by Toax-Eye

to much homework :(

IT company

2009-12-22 08:43:10 by Toax-Eye

lolz i just started my own it company :p.